Ok, I’m kind of broke and in need of money so I’m opening comissions just in case someone ends up being interested. I unfortunately won’t be offering anything full body besides sketches, and no backgrounds as well, as I’m busy working on 8 more complicated pieces i’m going to submit to a student exposition. The prices are as follows (prices may vary from less to more according to piece complexity and detailing):

  • traditional/digital lineart: bust $12,00, waist up $20,00
  • traditional/digital sketch: waist up $8,00, full body $12,00
  • digital painting: bust $20,00
  • traditional with light shading: bust $25,00, waist up $35,00
  • traditional with medium/complex shading: bust $30,00, waist up $40,00

-All traditional drawings will be delivered in 300dpi quality, and properly edited and cleaned on photoshop (those examples are kind of dirty because i’m not really neat with my own things, sorry).

-I will only accept  photo references, preferably put together in one or two image files (i’m sorry, as much as i find written descriptions lovely, they take longer to figure out and i’m going through a really busy phase, I plan to open them up in the future though)

I will draw: Fanart, ocs, nudes (as long as not pornographic), cyborgs, designs and other related things.

I will not draw: Animals, furry, anthro, robots, dragons, backgrounds and pornographic material. I also won’t draw realistic portraits of people, I’m not very good with those (they end up not very similar to the real person) and I don’t want to deliver a product I deem of inferior quality.

I  also reserve to myself the right to refuse comissions, whatever the reason may be

Payment will be done exclusively through paypal. Send an e-mail to thaisleiros@gmail.com if interested. If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask/fanmail.

If you are interested in doing something different from the formats offered here, feel free to message me so we can work something out. I can work out prices and other things as well, so I’m very open to discussion and negotiation.

Thank you so much for reading! Please consider signal boosting, if possible. It’d be deeply appreciated <3

2 weeks ago on 09/02/14 at 12:13am

I got tagged in a thing. Here is thing

2 weeks ago on 09/01/14 at 03:24am

I think cole and solas would likely form an unusual friendship. Solas, as a self taught mage and detached from the prejudice people have with matters regarding the fade would likely be the most open-minded and receptive person to cole’s presence, in the inquisition. I think he would most definetly be intrigued by cole’s unique nature, and I imagine that in their relationship his knowldge might even help cole understand his own mysterious existence. (idk, I just want my babies to be happy)

(on another note, I apologise for my absence. I’ve been studying for the TOEFL test i’ll be undertaking this weekend, wish me luck!)

3 weeks ago on 08/29/14 at 03:16am

pLEASE release me from solas hell

3 weeks ago on 08/24/14 at 08:51am

Have a wip of a solas I’m drawing.

I’m going to do some stuff and i’m afraid of ruining the entire drawing so here we go. (I’m sorry for the bad quality, my photoshop died so I can’t edit the scanned drawings properly?? I’ll try to fix it for when I post the full version)

3 weeks ago on 08/24/14 at 01:39am

Look into my eyes

hello friends yes I am alive and working on my portfolio

have a crappy wip gbyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

1 month ago on 08/09/14 at 03:17am

lyrium ghost


(this was more of a weird photoshop study as I’m trying to transition from SAI to photoshop, so sorry for the terrible quality. I want august to come soon so I can take the vacations to drown myself in dragon age fanart oh yeah) *edited to a better framing

A quick fenris I doodled to update the blog. I’ll work on a proper painting soon enough… I hope

Some personal updates:

I’m on a design congress until the end of the week, but after that I’ll be on vacation from uni all throughout august (yEAH!) so I’ll try to post the palette requests (I think everyone gave up on those. I’m so sorry guys) and post fanart and stuff regularly. My arm is still kind of fucked but it’s getting better, so I’m having some positive feelings. Let’s all hope for a quick recovery!

1 month ago on 07/23/14 at 01:39am

life-take replied to your post “finals week over”

you got through it!! i hope you start feeling better soon!

aaaah thank you so much!! You’re a sweetheart ´vvvv ` 

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